Thursday, December 24, 2009

Uninfected and ready to party.

Good news.

It's been 6 days, and the sancudo lost .

I do not have dengue.

With the heavy fear lifted, I feel free...fully capable to enjoy the holidays at maximum capacity. Bottle of tequila+ tamales, here i come! Dear old hubby's dad came via camion to pick up the kiddos before Christmas and have some quality time with the grandchildren. Right after the kids' school musical, they were off to San Pancho to make their nacimientos and prepare tamales. We took the guys from our shops out to dinner at La Tequila last night and tried huevos de hormigas....which, surprisingly, werent all that bad!  A few bars later, and a run in with a few clients, we finished the night pretty late... thus the short blog. 

Nevertheless, I'm excited to be spending this Christmas here in Mexico. While it saddens me to be far away from my dear family in the States, I feel blessed to have my closest ones near, happy and in good health. Last year, it was a bit strange to experience foreign customs whilestill missing your home. This year, I'm excited to be part of new traditions and actually understand what the heck is going on, as well as bring some of our food to the table. Tamales and ponche will be accompanied by mashed potatoes, stuffing,yams, turkey, pumpkin pie, and anything else I can fit on the table.What could be better?
I hope all of you hug your loved ones exra tight this Xmas, cuz they are ultimately the greatest gift of all, and have a very chill and safe Christmas.



Sunshine said...

Yeah....your holiday consist of tequilla tooo....yummmyyyyyyyy. Same here.....little bit of carne asda...tequilla....corona....tamales....slasa.....mole.....tortillas.....mas times....yipeeeee whooooohoooo

On Mexican Time said...

Merry Christmas amiga!!!

Wow i have catching up to do - dengue!!?? thank goodness you don't have it!!!

Amanda said...

What a great post. Glad you are having great holidays and keeping the family close.

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

so the question is... did they eat it. I used to go through the huge work of making everything american, and then no one would eat it.

This year on Thanks giving my sister in law said make the turkey and everything and I said no, no one will eat it anyway, you make it mexican style andthen maybe someone will eat it. She ended up giving it away, and I went to a friends.

I love that food but it is way to much work for just me and the kids to nibble on.

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