Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let's Try that Again.

Okay. so maybe I was a bit tee-off yesterday. (not so hot doc news in da morning followed by random bs is not a valid excuse for my behavior.) I hope I did not discourage any of you from attending this bookfair. I do want to add that the Feria Internacional del Libro here in Guadalajara was overall amazing. The convention was packed all week long.

The FIL para Niños was even better. The kids went with their class and there were tons and tons of book, activities, plays, and massive security. Romeo & Juliet was one of the child plays, as well as other titles. Storytime, painting, reading mats, and newsreporting were just a few of the activities available for kids. In fact, they had quite a few per age group. We walked away with a couple books per kid, some great, some  ~eeeehhhh. As long as they read, right?  Little One walked away with "El Hijo del Santo y Xico", a comic from HellBoy (I know, I know, but it made him happy), and my childhood favorite, "Donde Viven Los Monstrous" or Where the Wild Things Are.

 I was so proud of him. I loved that book. Even better, I heard they've made it into a movie. Not a crappy modern version, like Cat in the Hat, but a beautiful rendition.  I can't wait for it to come to Mexico, because it will def. be one I will take my kids to.

Moosecake ended up with a few interesting books. To help her learn spanish and read something she would like, we kinda gave her free reign to pick what she would like. She found "Ghostgirl" and some other funny book. We also bought, "Quiubole", a gi-normous book on every topic a girl could possibly have a question on... sex, internet, kissing, clothes, money, boys, etc. The good thing about this book is that it is VERY informative, including topics such as child sexual/abuse and who might do it and numbers all over the country to call for help. There was even a section on tattoos and piercings.... this was the buy or no buy factor. We don't want something that pushes riduculous ideas, but something that is still conservative. And this book passed. In fact, it talks about piercings and tattoos, hygiene and doing what you want vs what is cool. And if you're trying to rebel, dumb idea. Your grandma prolly did the same thing years before. Haha. This book is neutral. Common sense. I liked it.

Hubby found a comic book, "The Darkness", that he really likes, and an oil painting book, and I walked away with a Thai and Mediterrean cookbook. (promises to post a few recipes!) Our best find was actually a book for Moosecake. The book cover itself drew our attention.

This was a great book for my little Moosecake. It's about a little girl, half white, half mexican, who loves yoga, her puppy, and only understands one side of her culture. Her Irish grandma is funny, has her whole house Navajo, has tons of stories and takes her shopping and what not.  She doesn't really understand the other side and why the Mexican grandma has differents smells in her home , has shrines , only speaks spanish, and other odd things. She doesn't understand that BOTH of those cultures make who she is. She takes off  to Tijuana, to find her fathers family and reconnect with her dad's cultura. Moosecake loved this book and it was a nice way to show that she isn't the only one discovering a whole new side to her family, but that she can still hold on to what she loves from the other side.

Isn't that we're all hoping for?


Leah Flinn said...

Wow - Border Crossings looks like a must-read. I will have to check it out. Thanks for posting.

Leslie Limon said...

I read your entire post and had a few things I wanted to comment on, but after seeing the last book, "Border Crossing", all I could think of was "I gotta get that book!" Sound just like my life! :D

Glad you enjoyed the FIL! I'm hoping that one of these years I will be able to attend.

Refried Dreamer said...

LF: Its a good kids book to check out, maybe a reassurance for kids.

Leslie: It seems like its all of our lives, no? My mom is exactly that, and my dad's family? hehe...was always strange. I grew up with a bunch of hispanics, kinda jealous that they did know their history and would go back to the ranch for the summer in Mexico. I always thought, damn, I wanna go to the ranch too!!! and now, look who's living where! and down the lineage, Moosecake is going through the same thing and I was happy to see that it made her feel normal. Next time we head out to Yahualica, we'll meet up and maybe drop that book off!

IKUSKA said...

Hey Melissa,

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