Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mommy to the rescue.

There are some things you can only get away with in Mexico. Grab a few rocks and juggle on the corner for cold hard cash, call your cockroaches "pets", give family members offensive, but loving nicknames like "gordo", ask for a discount at your local sex shop just for the hell of it, pay off cops and who knows what else. A friend came into the shop a few weeks ago. He was planning on going to a music university in Canada and had all the strings pulled. The visa, the trip, the flight... everything would be taken care of. All he needed to show was his high school diploma.

Which he doesn't have.

Truth is, his parents moved him back and forth so much from California to Mexico, alot of his school years weren't accepted. Add the fact, that he did drop out as well doesn't make this challenge any easier.

To make matters worse, here in Mexico, to take your GED-like test, you need to show proof of middle school, which thanks to the many moves, isn't valid here in Mexico. So now, my dear friend has to take the middle school test to qualify to take the high school test....

He tried. and failed.

My poor friend was devastated. All these things were being done for homie to study music, his lifelong dream, and he can't pass the test in spanish.

I love Mexico. If you want something bad enough... you can seriously have anything. Momma got pissed that dear son didn't pass his test and accompanied him to the following test date. (This dear old lady is seriously a crack up and a wonderful woman.) "stay in the car", she told her son. She walked right in and said her piece to the testing lady. She must have been gone about a half hour. She got back in the car and told her son, " You take the test tomorrow. It's taken care of."

And by golly, she was right. Dear friend skipped into the shop today... giddy that he put his name on the paper and suddenly he officially completed middle school in Mexico.

Now he's gotta introduce Mommy to the high school tester!


Sunshine said...

This is what I love about Mexico, you can pretty much get whatever you want, when you want! Interesting....except...I...havent figured that part out yet! ummmmm

Leslie Limon said...

Mexicam mamás are NOT to be messed with! I hope your friend passes the High School test.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

I'm surprised he couldn't just buy one - buuuuut why buy it if Mom can get it for free? That's a serious mama, bad ass.

Something I've noticed about Mexican women (and I don't mean this in a bad way so please don't take me wrong) here, is that they will talk, and talk, and argue and debate and talk and whine and argue and debate and tell stories and talk, talk, talk, guilt-the-shit-out-of-you - did I mention keep talking and NEVER GIVE UP OR LEAVE ? - until they get what they're after. Where I work if I get one of these ladies on my case I'll give in to pretty much whatever they want just to get them to leave me the hell alone.

Skillz dude, dey got mad skillz.

Mama of 4 said...

lol Gringa, you are so right! Mexican mamas are very presistant and especially when it comes to their babies.

On Mexican Time said...

awesome :)

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