Friday, June 12, 2009

Buenos Dias.

Bienvenidos. Yo soy Melissa. El es Indio. El es mi sancho....

Today was the first day of Moosecake's spanish class. Dia de Saludos. Dos horas, dos veces cada semana para los siguientes meses....which Little One and I will be sitting in on, esp. when they get to the "pasado" part. As much as I hope this helps her out and catch up next year...sitting in the back of the room.... I suddenly felt 15 years old again. Back in the day, sitting in the back of spanish class...pinche oraciones...If only I would have paid more attention in class. No, there I was, hiding in the back, hanging with my friends, passing...err... notes, flirting with a cute lil homie, who spoke fluent spanish but still managed to fail the class. All that time in high school...wasted. No plans on leaving the country... so why bother.

Oh... but don't think I stopped there. I took spanish again in college. I had the accent down solid and the teachers passed me. Great,then... bummer now.

Daydreaming once again, (damn) a decade later, I'm sitting next to my 10 year old, in wretched spanish class...still fidgeting around, writing my damn blog, *I hope we get a break soon...
Maybe I should buckle down with my 'lil Moosecake and take this seriously. Something tells me that maybe this time, it might be necessary.


American Mommy in Mexico said...

When the kiddos start passing you up it gets real interesting ...

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

My friend Jordan said the same as AMM. Her daughter turned to her after she said something and said, "Momma, shhhhhh, your accent is embarrassing." Now since she was 5 it was sort of funny and cute but ouch.

I am trying to keep up with Lena and Akilean. TRYING!

Julie said...

My 4 yrs of high school Spanish seemed largely lost when I started lessons before coming down here... It is a sloooowwww process!!

BTW-- just sent you email re. possible meet-up this wk in Guad; let me know if you are free!

Amanda said...

I don't look forward to the day when Alana says something similar to what Rosas Clan said. My husband the other day was laughing about how he and one of his friends (in the States) use to laugh because his friends mom would say, "Shit of paper" They were from Cuba, and her English was actually pretty good. I stopped him and said, "Do you realize I'm going to be that mom." Instead of sympathy he laughed and said, "Your right you will be."

bob cox said...

Let them laugh...better that than thinking I shouldnt say anything that could embarass me.
After awhile, (the timing is different for everyone), you start realizing how screwed up the States are and come to the conclusion you`re better off in Mexico.
You have my admiration to go out and face a new world...don`t get depressed, your kids will overcome it also...just try and be patient.

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