Saturday, May 23, 2009

Passing the time.

I watched my plane take off from the boarding gate. Of course, in Mexican time, my flight was late leaving Guadalajara. After getting two exit row seats, which are horrible, and having them changed and having only one hour to bust through customs (smuggling birth control for my baby sis) and security at Phoenix airport to catch my next flight..of course something had to blow things off course. Those gym hours almost paid off... but thanks to hubby making , err... motivating me go the gym and working out the ole drumsticks, I was a bit exhausted. I ran off that plane, plowed through customs, cut through at security... threw my carryon over my head and booked it like a bat out of hell to my gate.... and then came on a cramp. Aaaaaahhhh! leg cramp. *stupid squats. I shouldn't have tried to be cocky at the gym. I limped to my gate, only to watch it separate and reverse through the window. Next flight? 4 hour wait. Perfect.

Four hours with nothing to do. I could grab a bite to eat. *with what you ask?... my credit card. Peso rate was ridiculous. After looking around the airport for something to snack on, I realized how much crap we Americans eat! In the Mexico airports... it was mostly sandwiches etc... The Pheonix airport was nothiing but Pizza hut, Starbucks, Grills, Pretzels *mmmmmmm...pretzels., Ice cream... no wonder we're a little hefty! It was a feat to find a bottle of water and a yogurt with granola. While the Pizza was tempting, its not exactly the best way to start off the week in the States. I think I'll wait a few days before I start to thicken my waistline. I think I'll go for some Thai food first. Some curry. Then maybe some authentic pizza... and in reality... I think that's about it.


American Mommy in Mexico said...

Thai is what I always get while in USA!

Amanda said...

UMMMMMMMMMM cury, I want some.....

Sunshine said...

Hey, girl friend. I've been MIA for the past month...we dont have internet and well you know how that goes. We are living in Reynosa in a awesome house...just dont have hot water yet...or a water slow trickle showers...but we have central a/c....yipeeeee. I miss you so much...will have to catch up when i get time. Please let me know if you ever head this way...i'm so saving my first tat for you. Enjoy your time in the states...enjoy every min of it mama. Chat with you soon.

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