Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The new Travelers' flu?

We finished off our "vacation" this week by heading up to Santa Maria del Oro, en Nayarit. Despite the borrachos that were already there, I def. recommend anyone nearby to check out this lake. For starters, there is plenty of fish... which made my bass loving hubby, extremely happy. It's known as a "fresa" lake... filled with a bunch of rich families, hippie kids etc. Egh. However,everything was pristine... very clean, boat rentals, stores nearby, campgrounds, and bungalows. We stayed at Koala campgrounds. It was very clean, owned by Americans or Canadians, decently priced, and english spoken... which is a plus for me. I'm not a fan of lakes... thanks to the Discovery Channel... and all those stories about murky waters.... but I gotta tell you, the waters were crystal clear, turquoise, and warm... perfect for a picnic and a little kiddie playtime on the beach. Except for Little One's sunblock wearing off and a nasty sunburn.... we had a great time.

I wanted to post this, not so much because of the lake, but the 2 hour ride home. At one of the many cuotas, the road was blocked off by masked men and women, all wearing white. Every car was being directed to the side and approached by one of these investigators. A lady approached our car with a newspaper and a clipboard. They were handing out info on the H1N1 virus. She asked us where we were and where we were going, how many passengers, asked if any of us had a list full of symptoms, and let us know where we could get treatment if needed. I wish I had my camera. Truckers, minivans, everyone was getting pulled aside, data recorded, and if needed be, pulled out of the car and checked up on. Of course, the one time you shouldn't do something, that's when you need to do it. The sun was in our eyes and I had to sneeze. hehe.. imagine? But we held it back and were on our way. How great of the government to go out and inform/check on travelers who would thus further spread the virus. Stop it before it meets its destination. Way to go, gobierno!

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Amanda said...

Wow that's nice to hear, really that's pretty proactive.

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